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forest green and cranberry red wedding

Welcome to Cora+Sal Photography

A big Congratulations to you on Your upcoming Wedding Day!

We are happy that you found our site as you plan all the details to make your day perfect!

We are Massachusetts Wedding Photographers specializing in traditional and candid photography.

We are love story tellers; we are also a husband and wife who love capturing couples who are in love, while they whisper sweet nothings to each other. We are sent out to wipe out bad wedding photos and serve all of the New England.

Our approach is classic and timeless. We are inspired by fashion and editorial photography. Our photographs captures the feeling of the day and will hold their power for years to come.

We continually make sure our bride feels comfortable and appears as her best self at all times while capturing intimate and dynamic emotions between the couple on their wedding day. We draw from the couple's energy,- because it is all about them.

We combine this style with authentic, unrehearsed moments and always seek the new, which allows us to elevate our work with each and every couple.

We love working with the couples who are in love with our work.

Our vision is for our style to so deeply resonate with our couple's vision for their day that it feels like we were just meant to be.

Having that connection where your clients just gets it really creates an environment for us to create our best work.

Our clients describe us as fun, laid back and someone who has a calming effect on them. They trusts our eye and allows us to simply do what we do best.

Please find more photos in the gallery to see if our style matches yours!

When hiring a professional wedding photographer you are not only hiring them for their talent but also for all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

We put many hours into production and post production as well as planning process. We love what we do and care about our couples. We have deep knowledge what we gathered over the years as well as sense of current trends and style.

It is very important to connect and make sure you click with your photographer's personality.

Check out our about page to get to know us a better.

Thank You for finding us and please reach out with any questions you have. We look forward to getting to know you better!


Jeff and Lina