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How to pick Your Professional Wedding Photographer

16.12.17 05:41 PM Comment(s) By Lina Corazzini

I came across an online discussion about picking the photographer for your wedding. BTB wrote that after doing a research on the wedding photographers all of their work started to blend in after a while.


After reading all the tips other professionals and experienced brides gave, I have tried to sum it up and think about my own conclusion. I don't believe in one size fits all kind of products, so I always try to keep my mind opened. And keeping that in mind I have tried to think what kind of advice could I give as a professional wedding photographer without sounding biased?

Although I think that all the tips and advises what followed were of value and each person reading it will find something they can apply, I decided to express how I feel about this matter in a form of a blog post. 

So, how to pick your professional wedding photographer? 

There is really no formula on how to pick there right wedding photographer or any other professional vendor. Or service. Or cake :-)

There were various answers and people advised to look at the price, to look at the reviews and look at more work. They were all great advises.


A lot of people chooses to go with the price and while it is important to have a budget and stick with it, pricing does not mean that higher the prices- better the quality. It also does not mean that lower pricing will mean having less experienced person shooting your wedding. Even though sometimes we like to generalize and label (which, I agree, can simplify our life very often), we have to remember that life is more complex. Sometimes a very talented person can be very pricey because they are good at what they do and have a great business mind. Also, sometimes a very talented person can be not so pricey because they are very talented and has a great business mind, but not enough of experience. Some photographers charge a lot not because their work is the best on the market but because they have a confidence in delivering an excellent service. And I think they are all right in a way. 

I believe that one should always do what suits one best. However, the point I am trying to make is that choosing your professional only based on the pricing might not always meet your expectations.  

What about their work? Well yes, you do need to make sure you like what you see. Also, if you really know what you want or have a vision of how your photos supposed to look it will most likely help you to narrow down your search. Then again, the deeper you will dig, the more confused you will feel. Because there are so many great photographers out there nowadays! And it is awesome. And it is so easy, all of them and their work is just one click away. 

While it might be the most confusing time for couples, because there is so much to choose from... It is definitely the best time for couples, BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM.  

By statistics, the most clicked pages on photography websites are the pricing page and gallery. Which sums up the above. And it is great. But what about the couples who feel overwhelmed and after a while, just like the bride on the online discussion mentioned, it all starts to blend in? 

The key is to make sure that your personalities work well together! As it is very important to feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. You can tell if you connect with the person right away (most of the time). I agree, there are a lot of great professional photographers out there and their portfolios are great, you can also find very attractive pricing...Yet it does not help when t comes to narrowing down the candidates for your special day. 

My advice is to pay attention to their 'about' or 'home' page. Read the reviews. See what they have to say about themselves. See what others say about them. Stalk them a little on the social media. Talk to them on the phone :-) LEARN THEIR PERSONALITIES :-) Listen to your gut. 

You can apply these tips while picking your other vendors too.

One couple I know hired their Dj because he also was as laid back as they are. 

The other couple I know decided to choose their wedding planner because she loved pugs as much as they did. It just clicked at the first sight. And they could not be happier with the choices they made :-)

Wedding photography is very personal and if you can relate to one photographer in some way that you cannot relate to others (also it fits your budget and you like their work),- congratulations! You just found the one :-)

We try to show of my personality as much as we can. We believe it makes easy for us and our couples, because they can tell right away if we are their cup of tea or not. 

We chose to work in this industry because we are creative individuals, love meeting happy couples and love to be the ones to capture couples at the start of their Forever. 

We also love making people feel happy and feel good about themselves.  

We love our job and wish to all the brides and grooms for their wedding day to be the happiest day of their lives. We believe that the right wedding professional is out there for every couple.


At the end of the day it is not only about clicking the button. Jeff and I are grateful to work with people who click with our personalities :-) 

life is short eat cake  

We would love to hear from you! 

What guidelines do you follow while choosing your photographer? 

Please leave a comment bellow :-)

Lina, xoxoxo

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