Cora+Sal Wedding Photography
Cora+Sal Wedding Photography

Meet Jeff & Lina!

Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!!

Happily married couple, who love to capture other couples’ love stories.

We work with anyone who is completely in love- nothing is as beautiful as a couple in love!

While Jeff is more spontaneous, Lina is definitely the one who likes to plan. People say that Lina has a calming effect on them and Jeff can make ANYBODY in the room laugh. 


Experienced wedding, portrait and fashion photographer.

As far as I can remember myself I always had a camera in my hand.

While My wife Lina considers me to be a lead photographer, I really do agree with our couples, who calls us a ''dynamic duo''. We work great as a team.

I have been a professional actor for many years and among all the things I have learned on the movie sets, working as a team is the biggest thing. We always keep it in mind, your preferences is our priority. We care how people feel while working with us. We never put photography before people.

Inspired to become a full time wedding photographer I left a promising movie career. Yet I know that my past acting skills and knowledge on how to implement them into the weddings we shoot makes us really stand out in the industry.

Voted as one of the Top Ten Best of Boston Photographers, my credits include 12 bridal magazine covers, Wedding Wire and the Knot wedding awards. 

We are Proud members of Professional Photographers of America .

Our friendly and experienced nature puts our couples at ease while being photographed. When we meet our clients I often tell them that their wedding day is going to be as awesome as the best romantic movie they have ever seen! 

Over the years I have mastered a lot of skills and making people feel like they are a movie stars in the front of the camera is what I do best,

We promise you to bring out your natural smiles and emotions and we are going to have so much fun!

When I met Lina, I knew two things instantly:

First: I am going to marry this girl.

Second: We are going to create some magic together.


Entrepreneur. Wedding Photographer. Wife. 

Artsy fashion design graduate, certified in event planning and design.

Originally from Europe, living in New England.

Nobody can ever guess where my accent is from, so I feel like I have to share few facts about me: born and raised in Lithuania;

Before the move overseas, I lived in Ireland for almost a decade. 

In love with Paulo Coelho and Dan Brown books. 

Creative. Sometimes geeky. Funny(I hope). 

Favorite TV shows: ''Schitt's Creek'', ''New Girl'', ''Friends'', ''Rules of Engagement'', ''Big Bang Theory'', ''Golden Girls'' and ''Modern Family''. 

We love to laugh. 

The most common interests we share is definitely Photography, Travel and, of course, Cake (Exactly in this order). We love living in New England. 

When we don't capture pictures, our outdoorsy nature takes us hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing. 

Mermaids at heart, naturally we love spending summers soaking in salt water and watching sunsets on the beach. 

We are glad that we passed the awkwardness of being just total strangers!  We would love to learn more about you and your big day!!

Let's chat!

A little bit more about our Photography Style.

Capturing and drawing out the emotion approach to shooting that utilizes a wedding day's moments against an experienced backdrop of positions, angles and light. 

In love with Golden Hour, Natural light, Candids and Close Ups. 

We know how to pose you for the shots, so you can look your best.

But we are also experienced professionals, who knows when to shower you with compliments and... when to hide(in the bushes) and snap candids only. When we snap candids away, we know that every seemingly accidental moment will appear fully intentional and only serve to make your story more inspiring.

When you put so much of thought in your Venue choice, Decor, Dress, Flowers and Cake to all look perfect on the day of, it's the skillful shooting and the fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories of the day as you look back on your event's styling and spontaneous moments. 

As a wedding photographers we witness situations that require tact and good judgement.

We are really good at less than ideal shooting conditions.

If someone who likes elegant looking group photos, beautiful detail shots and raw emotion showing candids

sounds like you, I think we finally found each other! We were meant to be!

Let’s go and capture some love now.

P.s.: Jeff and I are both very grateful to learn that photography and love has no barriers and now we want to share it with you by being part of your beautiful day! Finding the right person to work with is a dream come true for both of us. And when you do what you love, it does not feel like work anymore..

P.p.s.: All the above shots we took on a self timer. That's this weird thing we do, when we are bored.


Jeff & Lina